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reduce financial operational risks

financIAL SERVICES collaboration platform

BankerLinks allows secure collaboration between financial services across the financial industry. We provide technology to help teams increase their operational efficiency and reduce settlement risk and data management costs.‬ 

manage operational issues

BankerLinks allows you to oversee transactions across all your counterparties and help you reduce operational issues that may be potentially at risk to your business. Our platform offers you a simple, fast and secure way to manage and resolve issues.

Always Stay in the Loop

Get notified on important information updates within your financial services network. Share important settlement and market information with your peers through our secure platform and make sure your counterparties have the most up to date information. Create broadcasts to your selected counterparties through our highly intuitive, secure and intelligent BankerLinks online platform.

Powerful features increasing productivity

Counterparts information

Need to lookup the right contact, Standard Settlement Instruction (SSI) or market deadline for the transaction you are working on? This is the right place to start with!

Collaboration platform

Work on a specific topic and need help from a peer or working group? Need to exchange confidential documents with your counterparties? Our platform helps you achieve that in a simple, secure and controlled way.

Broadcasts and news

Need to send out a broadcast to your most important counterparties, share important information about your company? Don’t want to miss on important counterparties or market updates? We make sure you get the right information and on time!

Events and trainings

Looking to learn and grow? Or just interested on specific events in finance? We can help you find all the trainings, conferences and events that are right for you!

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